Eyes Wide Shut

25th December 2014

I visited Diane. Pretty Diane. There, I met her boy friend, Jake. Not boyfriend. The difference between the two words is the space between “boy” and “friend”. The space signifies a lot in their relationship. There are boundaries and limits. Continue reading


Mean Mode

Friday, 19 December…

Insenstive lovers put you in a world of heartache and pain. Dumb lovers are plain annoying. My sweetheart, J, has these two traits. Insenstive and dumb in one breath. J could be stabbing you in the face and when you scream, J would ask, “what’s wrong? Am I hurting you? How am I hurting Continue reading

Sinless Sunday

Sunday, 14th of December, 2014…

Sunday mornings are wonderful. You should have a reason for it to be wonderful. It could be that you are a Muslim and you are going to be home relaxing. You might be a Christian going to church and your spirits are already lifted because you LOVE going to church. Yes, you must love going to Continue reading