People judging people

Friday 12 December, 2014…
I woke up happy and full of zest to tackle my day. I hadn’t seen my friend, Diane, for 2 days. We were down with malaria. I don’t know how I coped. We met up somewhere and we got to school.
We were in class and another of our classmate was already seated; her pen was dancing furiously across her book. Lola was The Serious Student. She and another girl, Felicia, they took school seriously. They ALWAYS stayed behind after lectures to study. We did better than them during class work. Yet, my friend, and I didn’t put in much effort… It feels strange to me.
We sat on our seat. I wrapped my arms around her. I really missed her. Lola turned around to look at us.
“You two…”
“We are in love”, she said.
I did not turn to look at Lola. I just kept twisting a lock of her hair around my index finger. She looked at me. I was in her aura. We talked about how we were going to go about a radio presentation we had in the next 2 hours.
I didn’t want to let go. I won’t lie… I enjoy people thinking there is more to my relationship with her. Or is there really more? I like them to think stuff they can’t confirm. That way, we are in their minds.
People don’t mind their business. I mind my business and people around me say I am stuck – up and aloof and cold. I don’t even bother with what they think. If they had a contract they were chasing; a dream they desperately needed to come true, they wouldn’t have time think about another person’s life.
Well, people could be judgemental. Of course, they are perfect beings and they do no wrong. I had fun in school today. That is all that matters.