Cisi, Cyberland and Christmas

Christmas is in the air and I can’t even smell it. Maybe it’s because I am older. (“Older” makes it sound like I am older than I really am). Well, I was not feeling Christmas. J has a whole lot of activities in line for us this season: seeing a play; going to the movies; going to watch a carol; rolling in the deep; going shopping, it is going to be fun. Maybe. Maybe I will smell Christmas. For now, it’s only the harmattan I can smell.

I think the whole thing about Christmas is overrated. Christmas is just a season that gives us time to travel to be with our loved one(s). Monday to Friday is too busy. I don’t miss my Saturday/Sunday beauty sleep. There is no time or energy to do visits. Social media helps people connect with people before you can even think of them. I am not exaggerating. I was looking up an old school mate, then someone I had forgotten popped up under the People You May Know list. I checked his timeline. I went on to check his girlfriend. I went through Le Girlfriend’s timeline. I checked Le Girlfriend’s best friend’s timeline. I skimmed through Le Best Friend’s timeline. I went on and on and on. I was just “connecting” with them. I sent them friend requests. See? Connecting!

You don’t have to visit them to monitor their lives. They have their very , very, very interesting lives out there displayed in boo-you-tiful (beautiful, I mean. Women can spell everything. I know, right?) colors on Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, I know what my classmate in primary school, whom I haven’t seen since 1905, is having for dinner. It’s like I were asked, “Cisi, what will make your evening? Going to the movies? A night out with J? Pizza? Winning a lottery?” And I answered, “nooo… Knowing what Dan is having for dinner will make my evening. Scratch that, it will make my life.” If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populated country.

I don’t even want to think of the drama on social media. I don’t know how people do it. People just get angry when they read how someone was shouting on Facebook. Facebook makes it possible to read sounds.  Humans are evolving into higher beings! It is funny when people get worked up about something someone typed on social media. “Can you imagine what he is telling me?”  Hello? He told you? No, he typed to you, Smart Alec. Who needs real life when you have a cyber life? This Christmas, I am just going to stay indoors and hangout with my friends on Cyberland. See? I know what I am doing this Christmas.

We ignore the people we can see and focus on our cyber pals. What ever happened to one-on-one, technology unaided, communication? I hate people that don’t pay attention to the people talking to them because they are “hanging out in Cyberland with their Cyberland buddies”. It is soo wonderful how people who didn’t have imaginary friends as kids have them as adults. Okay, “hate” is a strong word. I detest, loathe, despise, abhor… these are the words I can whip up now. But, you get my point. Winks.

I am not a Cyberland hater, sorry, loather. I just feel we shouldn’t neglect people we can see, those friendships we could build with people around us for people we may never meet- Our friends in Cyberland. If not for Cyberland, you won’t be reading this blog. See why I love you and our beautiful country Cyberland?