Eyes Wide Shut

25th December 2014

I visited Diane. Pretty Diane. There, I met her boy friend, Jake. Not boyfriend. The difference between the two words is the space between “boy” and “friend”. The space signifies a lot in their relationship. There are boundaries and limits.

They have been friends for seven years. It’s strange that they are friends. Just friends. They look good together. I think they should be together. People should get married to their friends. They seem to have a “connection”. We got talking and Jake said he didn’t like commitment. Also, he easily got bored in a relationship. The funny thing is that Diane told me the same thing about herself. How she got tired of the few boyfriends she managed to have. I asked Jake what he wanted in a girlfriend /wife. He went on and on. It was like he was describing Diane. I just absorbed all he told me. They would be good together. They just can’t see it.

May we not be blind to the things in front of our eyes.

“Sometimes the very thing you’re looking for
Is the one thing you can’t see
But now we’re standing face-to-face
Isn’t this world a crazy place?
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last. ”
– Vanessa Williams.
The songwriters had them in mind when they wrote this song. (Of course, Vanessa Williams didn’t write the song. How many artistes write what they sing? Rihanna doesn’t write her songs.) Maybe when Diane is done experimenting and experiencing “wonderful sensations”, she will realise that it is Jake. That Jake is The One. Wouldn’t that break and crush whomever she happens to be involved with in that enligtening and bedazzling moment of epiphany. That would be her saving the best for last. Isn’t this world a crazy place?

Seriously, most of the things we are looking for stare us in the face. We don’t see them because we are chasing other things that are not even worth it. Sometimes, we want a particular job. We submit our resumé to firms. But, it turns out we just don’t get the job. Nothing we touch seems to turn to gold. It’s like our dreams are not coming true. Yet, other people who don’t even deserve the job are getting it. It could be frustrating. At this point, we should ask ourselves if this is really what The Great Architect (God) planned out for us. Maybe that job, person, or whatever it is you are chasing is not for you. Maybe you are not getting that job because you will be better off being your own boss. It could be that if you get that job, in the next 5 years you would get fired. Maybe that person isn’t loving you back because if you get to be with them, you’ll be miserable.

I am not saying people should give up on their dreams. I am saying, people should know when to let go. We should understand that it’s okay to sit back and watch things happen after we have given it our all. We all have different things we are passionate about. You can chase your other passions. But then, try not to scatter your energies. Channel your energies to something worth it. Don’t waste time on someone that won’t love you back. Don’t cling to a relationship that is not working. Life is too short but it’s the longest experience you will ever have. Stop looking for things in the wrong places. Sometimes, that which we are stretching out our hands to get is just an inch away from us. SOMETIMES.

Diane and Jake just can’t see that. I saw that. I love Time. She just waits patiently until you do that which you must. Time will tell. Dionne Warwick’s Friends in Love keeps playing in my head.
“Sometimes, lonely nights turn into sunny days
I never thought I’d feel this way
I never knew that you and I were meant to be in love
Oh, darling, you’ve always been around to see me through
How was I to know you’d make my dreams come true?
Time and time again before
Always on our own but now we’re friends in love
Hoping that we’ll always still be friends in love
Strong when we’re together
Darling, now we’ve got forever and a day
Don’t you go away
Remember every time you cried, you came to me.
Oh much to my surprise, I found someone who could see
Through the nights of loneliness, you were always there for me… “