The Role of Media in the Nigerian Educational System.

I put this on my blog for students who might have this assignment. I don’t want them to search too hard for materials.


(a paper by cisi Uduh.  Twitter:@cisi_uduh)

The media doesn’t exist in isolation. It must interact with the society in which it operates. The media influences the society and in the same way, the society influences the media. Powerful media vehicles such as printed materials, television, sound recordings, movies and the internet, Continue reading “The Role of Media in the Nigerian Educational System.”


Excess Within Control… April 13, 2015.


My mantra for this week is, “no one or anything is worth the stress”.

I had one helluva morning!

The bus Diane and I took this morning broke down. We had to trek a lot. On a Monday morning. Bre called to say she wasn’t going to be in school.

You know that friend that whimsically skips school? That is Bre. I call her Non-Academic Student.

Honestly, I was not feeling school today. I ran home as soon as I could. Good thing was that there was no traffic jam.

I would have gone to the studio today. I knew I wouldn’t be productive. I was really tired. Combining school with work is really tedious.

Anyway, I will keep my mantra in mind. I won’t let anything get me worked up. “EXCESS WITHIN CONTROL” all the way.