Excess Within Control… April 13, 2015.


My mantra for this week is, “no one or anything is worth the stress”.

I had one helluva morning!

The bus Diane and I took this morning broke down. We had to trek a lot. On a Monday morning. Bre called to say she wasn’t going to be in school.

You know that friend that whimsically skips school? That is Bre. I call her Non-Academic Student.

Honestly, I was not feeling school today. I ran home as soon as I could. Good thing was that there was no traffic jam.

I would have gone to the studio today. I knew I wouldn’t be productive. I was really tired. Combining school with work is really tedious.

Anyway, I will keep my mantra in mind. I won’t let anything get me worked up. “EXCESS WITHIN CONTROL” all the way.