Bisexuality and Belles

May 10, 2015…
I was thinking this morning. Why is it that women are now “digging” other women?
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On my first day at school, I met this dude in my class. He was cute! Fine dude. Tall. Lots of hair. Face hair melts my heart. I love dudes with hair! He had this macho thingy about him and I just wanted to do him. Yes. I would have done him if we had a room to ourselves. I’d just ride him across the milky way and back.

Tope and I got talking. We talked about why we decided to study journalism. It was quite interesting. The thing is that I have a very short attention span. In less than 30 minutes, I was bored. I just couldn’t run away from the conversation. I just prayed that something would come up and I would leave him. I promised myself that after that day, I would just keep it at hello and goodbye.

I was going down the stairs with Tope when we met a chic. I just hated her. She didn’t even say hi. I didn’t plan to. He didn’t tell me anything about her.

We went to the school auditorium. We were told that there was a welcome seminar. On getting there, we found out that nothing was happening. We just had to go back to the classrooms.

When we got back to the classroom, we met the chic we met earlier on the stairs. We just got talking and that was it.

We had a wide gamut of things in common ranging from literature to religion to conventions… a whole lot. We talked more and found out that we live both live in the same place! I was so happy. I was complaining that I didn’t have a friend who stayed around. (I just relocated from Owerri after my NYSC).

Tope was just in the corner. What was I to do? I wasn’t feeling the conversation I had with him. With this chic, it was like I had met her before. We actually clicked. It was easy talking with her. Connecting with her on an emotional level was easy. We had similar experiences growing up.
She wasn’t interested in me because she wanted to shag me out of my mind. She connected with my mind first. I talked with her because she had a wonderful mind. She had intellect. I wasn’t talking with her because I found her shaggable, fuckable, or screwable. Pardon my French.

Now I think of it, most men talk with women because they have motives of an ulterior nature. I have never met any dude who talked with me at first because he thought I was a good conversationalist. No, the first thing was, “how do I get her horizontal?” With time, I make them understand that it won’t happen. My relationships with men so far have just been sexual. No emotional connection. Just steamy sex. Why can’t men just connect with me emotionally and intellectually?

Why can’t men connect with women on an emotional level?

Take it or leave it, women easily connect with each other on an emotional level than they do with men. There are those friends we love dearly. The thing is that it is very easy making love to someone who we feel drawn to on an emotional level. The kisses are electrifying. The fore play is always intense.

Another thing is that women are sensual. Cher Dieu! All that sexiness! I have discussed with my friends. They tell me that occasionally they have sexual fantasies of themselves being with other women. Some have even locked lips with a close friend. A few are scared to try it out. Nevertheless, the desire is there.

This goes on to prove that every woman is bisexual? I am just musing.
Nowadays, women are looking so fine. It is so easy to fall for another chic. My friend, Hauwa, loves touching me inappropriately. Not just me. She does that with Diane and Bre. Bre grabs me whenever she likes. On some occasions, she has made attempts to kiss me. Diane makes risqué jokes with me. In turn, I make voulez-vous coucher avec moi, je veux vas te faire encule jokes with her. I think my friends are uninhibited around me. We talk all the risqué talk.
So, if I have sex with one of my friends, it shouldn’t be “unexpected”. Women are just emotional creatures and I think it’s okay if we want to hook up with one another. After all, there are more women than men. If one man marries one woman, what happens with the other women?
Just musing.