Life Roles

Come to think of it, life is like a movie. In a movie there are different roles namely:

The lead role
The supporting role
The waka pass
The stand-by
The see me-see me

The lead role is the most important character because the movie revolves around the lead role.  The lead might be the protagonist (hero/actor) or antagonist (villain/boze). The lead outshines other members of the cast.

The supporting role supports the lead. They are there to make the lead look good. In the course of the movie, the support might be sacrificed to further the aims of the lead.

The waka pass they just walk pass without any drama. You don’t get to hear of them. You notice them without knowing them. Basically, they are just there.

The stand-by, these ones see what happens on set. They don’t make any significant impact in the movie. They just watch the movie. All they do is “siddon look”.

The see me- see me… oh, they are not even in the cast! When the movie is out, they point to the screen excitedly as they shout, “see me-see me” as they happily “famz” the movie. They have no actual role in the movie.

Indeed, that’s how life is. What role are YOU playing in YOUR life?

A .The lead (you don’t necessarily have to be the actor; you might be a boze, it doesn’t matter. Just be the lead).

B. The supporter who is there to make other people’s dreams come true while ignoring their own dreams.

C.  The waka pass that goes thru life without making any impact.

D.  The stand-by who watches others decide what course your life should take

E.  The see me- see me?

Think about it…