Everyday People

Different people react to different situations in different ways. When it comes to dreams, there are basically four different ways people react to them.

Group A: These people have dreams. But they are like, “this seems difficult. “ They dismiss their dreams because they are complacent and comfortable with the way things are with them. Their dreams die in their minds.

Group B:  When these people have dreams, they think hard about it. They analyze and “rationalize” their dreams. They see the loopholes and pitfalls in these dreams. By doing this, they kill their dreams. They may even go ahead to tell one or two people about their dreams. These people might discourage them saying, “it’s not possible.” Their dreams don’t see the light of day.

Group C:  These people have unbridled enthusiasm when it comes to their dreams. They carry it out. The thing about life is that, most people are not successful the first time they embark on an endeavor. When their plans fail after two or three times, they just leave it there. Their dreams saw the light of day and died.

Group D: The only difference between the people that fall under this group and the people under Group C is that these people are stubborn. When their plans fail, they don’t stop trying. They fight till the end. They go to their drawing boards to see what made them fail and try different ways to achieve their dreams. Their dreams live.

So, assess yourself: what group do you belong?