The Dress Code

June 6, 2015…

It is laughable, yet annoying, when people mistake going about their everyday life with going for an event. Not any event: a tacky, trashy event.

They wear fashion items and accessories that they shouldn’t. Some ladies wear heels that they are not comfortable in, clothes that are for the Red Carpet, and they even go on to apply vulgar make-up that screams, “Yes! I might be a washed out whore!”

This doesn’t apply to only ladies. Some young men think that llife is a hip-hop for the video-shoot. They sag their pants till one is made to wonder if their waistline is lower than the normal human waistline. They have crazy hair-dos that aren’t expected of responsible people.

Some people dress irresponsibly.

This brings about a barrage of questions: Who defines what is responsible? Isn’t fashion an individual’s prerogative? Is it anybody’s business what someone wears or not?

Our society defines what is responsible. Our society has taught us to be social conformists so as not to be seen as deviants. Ergo, we must adhere to the standards set by the society on what is responsible. Society before the individual. In other words, society matters and you don’t matter.

No, it is not an individual’s prerogative to dress how they want. Their clothes affect our optical horizon and so they should dress the way we, the society, wants. Not how they want. Remember, the society matters and the individuals therein don’t.

Yes, what someone wears is everybody’s business. Ostensibly, everybody is jobless. We don’t have dreams we are chasing. We don’t have any source of happiness to distract us. Judging others, making them feel sad, too, makes us happy. Misery loves company. We are thrown in the throes of envy when we see people who are comfortable with themselves and we try so hard to make them uncomfortable and miserable just like we are. It becomes our business.

Sarcasm asides, everyone is entitled to dress how they want because that is how they want to be addressed. We should stop being judgmental. Jesus isn’t judging. We shouldn’t be judging. It’s not like we don’t have our dark, dirty sins.

If a girl dresses how she wants, it doesn’t give anyone the right to condemn her. It is not an invitation to sex. Women with hijabs still get lewd, lustful leers from men. Saying a woman isn’t well dressed is an invitation to sex is like saying a beautiful convertible is begging to be stolen. Men should learn to control their eyes and their other head.

If a young man sags his pants to the extent of showing off his boxers, it is not anyone’s palaver. There are many issues to focus on than another person’s dressing. Stop swallowing painkillers for another person’s pain. It is none of your business. Instead, eat a cookie. Have sex with your partner if you are of the belief that it is okay to shag someone you are not married to, but very sinful to masturbate. Edit your pictures. Sleep. Live in your fantasies while others are chasing their dreams. The list is endless. And I have to stop being sarcastic. For now