Sunday Sister

Sunday Sister

July 26, 2015…

The Soul mate Concept.

Do you think that the concept of having a soulmate is true? That out there, there is a person who will come into your life and you two would just “click”? You two might end up getting married and living happily-ever-after because you two were destined for each other.

If you’re one of those people that believe there are different types of soulmates, i.e. a soulmate which you connect with on an intellectual level, another soulmate who rhymes with you on a sexual level, e.t.c,  here is the definition I got from Wikipedia:

A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, friendship, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.

Yes! “A person”. It didn’t say “persons” or “people”.  In order words, out there, there is one person, one soul,  that will click with yours. You two would connect on so many levels: Physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual and intellectual. (Do you connect with your partner like that? If not, they might not be your soulmate and well, … I’m not insinuating anything o).

This brings me to the question, “what is a soul?” A soul is the “immortal essence of a living thing”. The Platonic (Plato) soul is divided into three parts/components:

a.   Logos: This is the mind or reason

b.   Thymos: The masculine

c.   Eros: Feminine

In Psychology class, I learnt from Carl Jung’s theory of Collective Unconscious that every individual has a masculine and feminine side. This is the simplest way to put it. (You might get confounded if I use Psychology jargons. If you are interested, Google up Carl Jung Archetypal Psychology).

This explains why some men have feminine traits. When I say/write that men have feminine traits, don’t get me wrong. Some men pay attention to how they look: they love fashion. They want to go to the best salons to get the nicest haircuts. Another way men are feminine is the way they talk. I have met a lot of soft-spoken dudes. Very calm and sweet. They don’t even know how to argue or enter confrontations. These are “feminine” traits.

(When I tell them they have feminine traits, they get defensive. They think they are gay. Seriously? Is this what our society has taught us? Whatever happened to balancing duality? Everything has a dual nature. God even has feminine and masculine traits. He is caring, loving, jealous, merciful, yet when provoked to anger He doesn’t look back before smiting the wrong-doer. People should understand that they should embrace all aspects of themselves).

Conversely, women have masculine traits. Aggressive, determined, aspiring, e.t.c.  You know?  Very choleric proclivities and all.

When you put two and two together, the soul is genderless. Sexless. It is just an incorporeal being that enters a body in order to carry out its role in the universe.

Any soul can enter any body.

Maybe your soulmate isn’t in the right body. Maybe your soulmate “mistakenly” entered the body of the wrong sex. So…  I don’t know. You can’t be gay in Nigeria. I guess you just have to stick with the socially accepted person.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to get married to your soulmate if they are in the wrong mortal shell. If you even get to meet the person and it happens you can’t be with them, just say “hello and bye” like a boss. Yes o! If your relationship is not working and you know you hooked up with the wrong soul, remain there o. Don’t leave. Just waltz down the aisle like that. It doesn’t matter. You are doing what is accepted in the society.

If you married the wrong soul and all you feel is hurt and pain, remain there. Ha! You cannot get divorced. Most Nigerian Christians are against divorce. Moreover, it’s your business what they are saying behind your back. Ehen… so that they will not com’an say that… you know how people can gossip like it is their calling and vocation. (Let’s assume that you and I aren’t one of the members of Nigerian Association of Gossips, Bad-belles, Amebos, and Haters, NAGBAH).

I would have loved to write about Aristophanes and what he said about soulmate but you could read it up on your own. Nigerians love reading. Read it up. Google up “Aristophanes soulmate”. Your phone or device wasn’t just designed for Facebook, BBM, Twitter, and other forms of social media platforms that facilitate interaction with people you may not have even met in real life.



One thought on “Sunday Sister

  1. kgomotso maidi

    Most times we deny what our own experience tells us, but we are more than happy to accept statements from the experience of others. My experience tells me that I am involved in God-realization, co-creating my reality with the all that is, the great ‘I am’, nothing I do will ever be judged or deemed wrong. What is wrong is only wrong relative to my own experience. There is no wrong in the world of the absolute in wich God resides. I mean how can I say he is creator of all things and then turn around and say there are some thing he didnt create, some things he has no power over. Yet that is what the hypocritical religions of the world would have us believe, and we accept it. As for soul mates, my experience tells me that all souls are my mates. None is my enemy. Some souls may be close to me at a particular time (my parents, my friends, my lover, that man I have met only once), some souls I may never meet in this lifetime. But they are all involved in the same process as me, whether consciously or unconsciouly, that of God-realization, they are my fellow creators, my fellow gods becoming. If only we could learn to honour our own experinces, but we are more likely to honour the experience of a 5000 year old fossil.
    I’ll stop talking now, before I am put on a stake and crucified.



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