For Her

She loves me.
Even if she doesn’t tell me, I know she does.
Sometimes, she’s unsure
Sometimes, I wonder if she wants something more
She tells me she’s not fallen this deep for anyone
All those dandy, dapper dudes-none

She says I glided into her life unexpectedly
Do you always expect love? Tell me
With me, she questioned what she was taught to believe
I rocked her to her core, she reminds me
She thinks I walked out of a dream.
She says before me her heart was like a calm, placid stream.

I’d implored my heart to remain frozen
My heart didn’t take heed.
I watched morosely as it thawed in that stream-
That stream which is her heart-
I fell madly in lust, deeply in love
Loving her body, mind, soul, spirit

I get scared that this would go away
That someday, I’d wake up to hear only silence from her
Maybe I fret over puny things
I have fears; I’ve gone past the doubts
I will enjoy every passing second of this gift
In the end, I’ll say I loved someone deeply almost to the point of insanity.

I hope she’d say I was the best person she ever met
I hope she says that mine was the best love she ever felt
I hope she says that loving me made her live
I hope she mourns my loss
I am selfish- I hope she never moves on
That’s if tomorrow eludes me.


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