The Mrs. Status

The Mrs. Status is like a badge of honour of some sorts. If you don’t have it, you’re seen as a failed woman; the society will frown at you. You must aspire for it. You must acquire it. It’s like a currency system, in a way. You need it to get some things in the society. The thing is that this currency system is regulated by a patriarchal society; a patriarchal society that devise new social mechanisms to subjugate the women folk.

Some things have dawned on me:

I. Not everywoman aspires to motherhood.

ii. Not everywoman wants to enter a marital union

iii. In as much as the society makes it mandatory for individuals to get married, not everyone was suited for matrimony.

I feel marriage is another social institution that is used for social control. It’s possible that the latent function of marriage is that it helps to curb indecent sexual relations. But, what’s the sense in it if people still engage in reckless sexual relations despite them being in a marriage? Who are we kidding?

In a nutshell, I’m expressing that the society devalue the Mrs. Status. It shouldn’t make it a goal for women to attain. A woman can be fulfilled and happy and successful without clinching the Mrs. Status.


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