Phobia For Telling Guys You Like Them

Once upon a time, when I was “littler”, I had this insane crush on this music artiste. Boy! He sang so well. He played the guitar, too.

Now that I’m older, I like him. Despite the fact he publishes articles that ticks off most people. The truth is bitter and he dishes it out unapologetically on his column in that newspaper.

One day, I saw him somewhere. We locked gazes. I looked away like nothing. This guy I was crushing on. On my way out, he did the gaze-locking thing. I could have smiled at him. I could have turned to tell him, “I might be your biggest fan”. Or something not to cheesy.

What did I do? I just walked past like nothing.

I don’t regret that I did that. Fear held me back. I’ve heard of unsuspecting women who talked with their celebrity crushes and one thing led to another then non-consensual sex. In the end, everyone would blame them for acquiring a connection with the guy.

I can’t even tell a guy I like him for the fear he might take it out of context. I know there are decent guys in the world. But, better safe than sorry. Some risks aren’t worth taking.


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