The Thing With Compliments

Nowadays, it’s more flattering when  another woman pays me compliments. It’s like, “you should hate me. But you don’t. God bless you and your family and descendants.”

Honestly, compliments from men are blasé. Through the centuries, men have been labeled “liars”. It is difficult believing a man. You feel he wants to get you horizontal.

From a woman, it seems innocent. But then, times have changed; she might want to do the unthinkable with you. Yes, she just might want to fuck you.

I was talking with one of my lecturers, a friend, and I told him, “I don’t need compliments to feel good about myself. I know who and what I am; I don’t need a compliment or a reminder to validate me.”

He went on to tell me, “You women need it to feel appreciated.”

“Ha! A masterpiece is a masterpiece even if no one is smart enough to appreciate it.”

I got a touché from him.

I hate catcalls. But if a woman catcalled me, I don’t know what I’d do. I might pass out from happiness. A queer happiness. That would be the day!


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