Finding Your Crowd


You see, you have to be in the right crowd to become fully expressive.

Find someone/people that have the same amount of crazy as you have.

How do you talk about profound stuff with someone that’s interested in mundane matters? It would be a chore. You can’t cast your pearl to swine, you know.

I love graceful music. I feel music is the painting you hear.

I loathe noisy sounds masking as music. I won’t be friends with someone that loves noisy stuff. They’d tell me, “you should listen to bubbly music.” Someone once told me that.

This person was ostensibly telling me what to listen to. Do you know your music preference is a reflection of your personality? I was taken aback. Did this person want to change my person? I wasn’t good enough?

Now, I love classical music and jazz and new age and rock and disco and soul and blues and, sometimes, pop. At a point I used to look down on people that listen to  noisy stuff. I imagined they were tacky. And they were tacky and too noisy.

I grew older and I stopped being a snob. I understand we can’t agree on everything. Nevertheless, there will be mutual grounds. We find the mutual grounds and we work on it. Build a strong bond on it. However, not everyone would understand this.

That is why it’s imperative you find your own crowd.

When you find your crowd, you’ll have absolute freedom to express yourself.

If you’re a fanatic, do not be friends with an atheist.

If you’re fiercely ambitious, do not be friends with someone that doesn’t aspire for more.

If you’re a neat freak, do not be friends with a pig.

If you’re homophobic, please, do not have gay or bisexual friends.

If you’re lazy, do not be friends with someone very hardworking.

Find your crowd and flourish there. That way, you can be yourself and not lose yourself in a bid to strive for conformity.


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