Monthly Archives: May 2016

Getting Rid of Fear…

Everyday, I shock myself.It’s fun to surprise yourself.

I dare myself to do scary, unthinkable things.

That’s how to get go of fear, right?

It takes time to get rid of fear.

Didn’t they say that the only thing you should be afraid of is fear?

What happens when I’m not scared of anything? Continue reading


Mind Your Business! Anyone Can Bleach Their Skin…


Once, someone wrote, “when you bleach, it’s like you are saying God made a mistake.”

When someone bleaches we hear all sorts of derogatory things about them.

For a woman, “she’s a whore.”

For a man, “he’s gay!” (They say it like being gay is a bad thing)

Let’s understand that there is a certain type of discrimination against dark-skinned beautiful people, especially women, because of their complexion.

You come across an advert for an ushering or marketing job and they go like: Continue reading