Mind Your Business! Anyone Can Bleach Their Skin…


Once, someone wrote, “when you bleach, it’s like you are saying God made a mistake.”

When someone bleaches we hear all sorts of derogatory things about them.

For a woman, “she’s a whore.”

For a man, “he’s gay!” (They say it like being gay is a bad thing)

Let’s understand that there is a certain type of discrimination against dark-skinned beautiful people, especially women, because of their complexion.

You come across an advert for an ushering or marketing job and they go like:

“We want light-skinned/half-caste girls for the job of …” (They don’t know ‘half-caste’ is a derogatory term?)

Tell me, is this fair?

I don’t blame the employers. It’s the hypocritical society I blame.

How do you have a predilection for light-skinned women and not expect non-light-skinned women to aspire for #TeamLightSkinned?

If you don’t set that standard, maybe some women wouldn’t bleach!

And some people, especially women, go ahead and rage about other people “whitening their skins”. Please, is your hair natural?

Did God create you to have straight hair? No!

You were born with kinky curls. The moment you relaxed your hair, you explicitly told God that you “corrected his mistake of giving you kinky curly hair.”

Stop judging people for bleaching. If that’s how they would feel self-acceptance, it’s not your place to judge!

Mind your business!

Is it your skin? No.

Is it your money that would be used in the event there are complications from them bleaching? No!

If it disgusts you, look away. It’s simple. Let people be happy with their innocuous choices.

If it doesn’t affect you or anyone negatively, LOOK AWAY!

Stop putting down adults who know the repercussions of bleaching their skins.

Smokers are liable to die young yet some of us still smoke.

Unprotected sex is risky yet, some of us indulge in it.

Photo credits: www.thepatriot.co.zw


One thought on “Mind Your Business! Anyone Can Bleach Their Skin…

  1. alusiunseen

    African parents that say “look at how dark you are, when you were little you had yellow skin” then they start buying all sorts of cream for the child .. isn’t it crazy how they are the ones out there bashing people for bleaching.



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