God Made Man, Man Made Religion, and Religion Made Man Mad

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They told us that God created us in his image and likeness. Ha! Did God even say he is a man? Well, I’m wont to think it’s the other way around; that we made god.

We create gods, actually. No reference to Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible here.

Let’s start with ancient Rome where homosexuality was a norm. There were gay gods.  Continue reading “God Made Man, Man Made Religion, and Religion Made Man Mad”


Smudging the Line 1

At the Restaurant

Note: The next three stories in the series Smudging the Line are fictional. These stories border on the paranormal/horror. They revolve around the protagonist, Luisa.  Any semblance to real people is coincidental. 

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When I am not listening to people tell me about the problems in their lives, I love to write. I am a psychologist, who derives pleasure from writing random things. Occasionally, I flatter myself and dare say I’m a writer. I write about mental health. Continue reading “Smudging the Line 1”


Smudging the Line 3

The Speaking Presence

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I loathe the mushy, wet earth the rain leaves in its wake as a reminder that it was here.

I loathe the cold nights that makes my teeth clatter and my body, shiver, even under a duvet.

In a BRT from TBS to Stadium Bus Stop, I lean my head to recline on the window. Listening to Jocelyn Pook’s album, Flood, with my ear piece, I shut shut the world. Continue reading “Smudging the Line 3”


Ode to Lucifer

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O, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness!

Many art the works of thine hands

That mortals have ignored through the aeons.

Wherefore art thou to claim thy works?

I shall speak for you, Prince of the Underworld!


‘On the seventh day,

Satan created ovulation cramps.

They were mildly painful but, t wasn’t enow mis’ry f’r the distaff folk.

And he mused, “what m’re shouldst I doth to amerce those folk f’r being so pow’rful?”*

Continue reading “Ode to Lucifer”


Beefing God. Just Kidding! Actually, Story Time with Cisi

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I love puns and allusions! How they colour a story while being effective in passing your message to your audience!

Once upon a time lived three brothers; Ike, Ade, and Audu.

Ike was the oldest and Audu, the youngest. The three lived in a big hut in harmony and love.

One day, Ike decided to embark on a trip to the neighbouring town. Before setting out, he called his brothers to him and said, “Brothers, I’m travelling to the next town. I don’t know when I will be back. I need you two to hold the fort and be careful.” Continue reading “Beefing God. Just Kidding! Actually, Story Time with Cisi”