God Made Man, Man Made Religion, and Religion Made Man Mad

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They told us that God created us in his image and likeness. Ha! Did God even say he is a man? Well, I’m wont to think it’s the other way around; that we made god.

We create gods, actually. No reference to Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible here.

Let’s start with ancient Rome where homosexuality was a norm. There were gay gods.  Continue reading “God Made Man, Man Made Religion, and Religion Made Man Mad”


Smudging the Line 1

At the Restaurant

Note: The next three stories in the series Smudging the Line are fictional. These stories border on the paranormal/horror. They revolve around the protagonist, Luisa.  Any semblance to real people is coincidental. 

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When I am not listening to people tell me about the problems in their lives, I love to write. I am a psychologist, who derives pleasure from writing random things. Occasionally, I flatter myself and dare say I’m a writer. I write about mental health. Continue reading “Smudging the Line 1”


Smudging the Line 3

The Speaking Presence

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I loathe the mushy, wet earth the rain leaves in its wake as a reminder that it was here.

I loathe the cold nights that makes my teeth clatter and my body, shiver, even under a duvet.

In a BRT from TBS to Stadium Bus Stop, I lean my head to recline on the window. Listening to Jocelyn Pook’s album, Flood, with my ear piece, I shut shut the world. Continue reading “Smudging the Line 3”


Ode to Lucifer

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O, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness!

Many art the works of thine hands

That mortals have ignored through the aeons.

Wherefore art thou to claim thy works?

I shall speak for you, Prince of the Underworld!


‘On the seventh day,

Satan created ovulation cramps.

They were mildly painful but, t wasn’t enow mis’ry f’r the distaff folk.

And he mused, “what m’re shouldst I doth to amerce those folk f’r being so pow’rful?”*

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Beefing God. Just Kidding! Actually, Story Time with Cisi

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I love puns and allusions! How they colour a story while being effective in passing your message to your audience!

Once upon a time lived three brothers; Ike, Ade, and Audu.

Ike was the oldest and Audu, the youngest. The three lived in a big hut in harmony and love.

One day, Ike decided to embark on a trip to the neighbouring town. Before setting out, he called his brothers to him and said, “Brothers, I’m travelling to the next town. I don’t know when I will be back. I need you two to hold the fort and be careful.” Continue reading “Beefing God. Just Kidding! Actually, Story Time with Cisi”


On Being a Witch


Prima facie, the concept of witchcraft is revolting due to it being associated with the devil. Nevertheless, things shouldn’t be taken literally.

According to Encyclopaedia of Occult and Parapsychology, ‘‘witchcraft’’ derives from the Saxon wicca, sometimes translated as ‘‘wise person’’.’

I tell people, “Knowledge is knowing a concept. On the other hand, wisdom is understanding a concept and applying it constructively for your good and good of mankind.”

If you are a wise person, from that definition, you are a witch.

Witches weren’t so bad.

Women that were branded as witches in the Dark Ages were mostly healers that made use of herbs and nature in treating the sick. Let me add that midwives, who aided childbirth, were tagged witches because they made childbirth easy for women, thereby going against Yahweh’s curse on Eve in Genesis 3 VS 16. Continue reading “On Being a Witch”