I Am Not an Atheist


Contrary to popular belief, I am not an atheist.In the real sense, I am a deist. I believe there is a creator but he/she/it is not interested in our affairs. He/she/it is distant and remote. With all the sorrow and misery I see in the world, it’s pointless deifying this deity. What artiste loves to see his/her work destroyed?

I believe that there are forces of good because I know there are forces of evil.

I believe all these didn’t things didn’t come into existence like that. How does something come from nothing.

There is a creator. But, who created the Creator?

I believe every creation is a manifestation of this creator.

Then again, everyone of us create different things. We are all creators… do we deify ourselves? (Oops… “Ye are gods”)

Ostensibly, I don’t buy into the concept of religion.

Religion and god are two separate concepts.

Religion is the construct of people within a geographical region in a bid to understand the things they can’t explain.

This explains why different societies have different religions.

Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of gods. (I believe in a creator. I don’t think atheists believe in a creator).

Basically, I can say I’m a deist; not an atheist.


One thought on “I Am Not an Atheist

  1. dmpire2

    Hey, I like your posts, am gonna spend today ravaging them, lol. I don’t believe in religion either because I think it’s limiting / limited. I simply say “i’m spiritual”. Religion and spirituality for me are very diverse.



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