Fuck Your Concept of a Good God That Allows Evil.

Oh… Yes, this is coming from an angry place.

Yes, I am angry at idiots that use a belief to hurt people.

Basically, fuck them!

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For starters, if your religion didn’t infringe on human rights, I would’t put this up.

If you have sense, you’ll upgrade your religion to be more humanistic.



Your religion is the basis of misogyny, homophobia, racism, other forms of bloodshed.

It spews all that hate and intolerance and disgust.

Yet, you claim to preach love.

Is this some spiritual cognitive dissonance?



Your religion or your god supports injustice.

Your religion causes hatred.

Your religion tramples on my human rights.

Why should I take you serious?



You claim to read your holy book yet, you don’t see the genocides and acts of terrorism?

You don’t see the misogyny?

Are you stupid? I’m asking you.

Are you plain dumb or simply stupid to see that your god is sadistic?



How do you expect me to take you serious when your god claims to be loving yet, children die.

How can you say he is just yet, I am seen as less of a person because of my genitals?

Are you stupid?

Are you plain dumb or simply stupid to see that your god is two-faced?



Fuck you.

Fuck your religion.

“Good god that allows evil.”

You sound like a fucking joke.



Adjust your concept of god and fix your religion before coming to spew shit around me.

Don’t come shoving your shit-ass, backward, obtuse, stuck-in-the-past, exploitative religion at me.

Fucking fix it and stop being so fucking stupid.

Until then, screw you!



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