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On Wanting People…

As a teenager, I wrote, “Don’t let your ambitions turn you into the man of your dreams”. It is beautiful, sincerely, how I have “insidiously” morphed into my dream man.

I am whole and complete and if I must be with someone, he/she has to be complete. My duty is to compliment, not complete, another person.

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Regrets and Hope

This is a work in progress, too. Many “Works in progress”. It’s part of the perfectionist thingy. It bothers me. It’s never enough. But, I try to remind myself, “You can strive for excellence, not perfection”.  If These Walls Could Talk 2 wasn’t my muse. 

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 “One day the river will overflow.

And there’d be no where for us to go.

And we would run wishing we had put out the fire.”

  • Asa’s Fire on the Mountain.

November 2052

In her final days, Nelo used to tease me saying I would have her close by if I poured her ashes to serve as manure for the mango tree we had planted earlier this year. That fantasy never materialised into reality; her family members crushed my dreams to dust when they thumbed through the pages of Holy Scripture to say cremation was sinful.

“She lived a sinful life,” her brother seethed at me through clenched teeth and eyes filled with disdain. “At least let us help her do something right.” Continue reading