On Wanting People…

As a teenager, I wrote, “Don’t let your ambitions turn you into the man of your dreams”. It is beautiful, sincerely, how I have “insidiously” morphed into my dream man.

I am whole and complete and if I must be with someone, he/she has to be complete. My duty is to compliment, not complete, another person.

Image result for image of black girl smiling

I am all the person I need!

What can a man or woman do for me that I can’t do for myself?

The same question goes out to you. What can someone give you that you can’t already give yourself?

Forget what society has told you about how you’re incomplete or how you need a better half. You are whole, an entity, an individualcomplete. Don’t let people make you need things you don’t need.

Then again, this is my opinion- it’s not fact. Different people, different “mind workings”. That I’m sufficient for myself doesn’t mean other people believe they are sufficient for themselves.

But, in the grand scheme of things, we want people; we don’t need people.



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