Are Infrahumans (Lower Animals) Soulless?

When I think about it, we, humans, are too narcissistic. How do we imagine we have souls while claiming infrahumans (lower animal) are “soulless”? What is the proof they don’t have souls? Honestly, thinking we have souls is the source of the major problems we have in the world.

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Religion, not necessarily spirituality, came up due to people thinking there is an afterlife.

Religion is one of the world’s problems.

If we have souls, infrahumans must have souls. Then again, some people say we have a higher intellect. Is intellect the determinant of having a soul? What about people that aren’t so intelligent? The people we term “imbeciles and morons”? Don’t they have souls?

Phil Fearon’s Everybody’s Laughing (1983) has been playing on repeat while writing this. It’s making me feel sad about animals. We’ve convinced ourselves we are entitled to killing them and using them for food. We use religion to support this claim. Same way people support gender inequality, child abuse, and slavery with religion.

This is all shades of messed up.



3 thoughts on “Are Infrahumans (Lower Animals) Soulless?

  1. alusiunseen

    I feel the soul is just life energy that exist in every living thing. Humans are no different from every other Animal. But our collective intelligence and use of knowledge makes us superior and that collective ego makes it possible for us to eat other animals. Over time we learnt how tasty they can be and sometimes nutritious so why not loool some human civilizations ate other humans so loool


  2. dmpire

    i’ve always been of the opinion that infrahumans have a soul, the eyes is the window of the soul and there’s just something about their eyes. some of them give you the chills, others look pleading, others threatening, etc.
    About eating animals, i think its just tacky. Whatever the reasons, its tacky.



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