The Thing with Bisexuality

Talking about prejudices, I have a thing “against” bisexual women.

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Haha! Inasmuch as human sexuality vacillates on a continuum, I’m not cool with “sexually fluid” women. All that chest pain! Imagine I had a bi- girlfriend! Haha! Not only is she likely to flirt with girls, she’d flirt with boys. That’s everybody!

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Jokes aside, if the human psyche is androgynous, neither masculine nor feminine, I’m won’t to assume bisexuality is everyone’s “default” sexual orientation. But, the desire for conformity has many of us tenaciously, desperately clinging on to heterosexuality. As Dorothy Parker stated, heterosexuality is not normal, it’s conventional.

Sadly, and disappointingly, too, homosexuality is perceived as being only sexual, however, it transcends sex. Homosexuality is emotional, too. Connecting with someone on an emotional level is the harbinger of sexual experience(s) to come. This explains why more women accept they are bisexual. Society allows, encourages us to display affection to other women. What do you think happens when you get mushy with someone? Showing affection is not seen as manly; hence, boys tend to rein in their feelings for other men. “Oh! That’s gay!” they’d say whilst suppressing raging, intense desires.

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All in all, human sexuality is fluid. At different points in our lives, if we allow ourselves, we’ll get attracted to people despite their sexes. You love the person not the genitals, right? It is the soul (that is if you believe humans have souls) that piques your interest and enthrals you; not the genitals. Then again, this is but an opinion, not fact.

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P.S. On the mind being androgynous: People have personality traits ascribed to both genders. A person can be ambitious and mild. The former trait is seen as masculine while the latter, feminine. Each temperament is made up of feminine and masculine traits.

P.P.S.  I would not even date me.



One thought on “The Thing with Bisexuality

  1. Dopezombie

    It’s simply a form of sexual non conformity. a lot of people actually experience a lot of Latent sexual desires that are considered as fetishism but I feel that it can be described as pansexualism. I.e furries. Beautifully written 💪🏾



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