Drift Away Slowly

When melancholy clung to my skin

Pastor asked, “girl, what is your sin?”

Told pastor I was down, depressed.

But, the answer I left me distressed.

“You don’t have Jesus,” Pastor said to me.

“Only him can give you peace.”

How can a wine lover teach me how to quit wine?

Still I lay in my bed at night.

Wishing I’d never wake again.

Wishing for many things.

Wishing and wishing…

I could drift away slowly.

To a place where I’d be happy and free.

I would drift away slowly

And leave all my troubles behind.

But, if I leave I’d hurt my loved ones

They’d even curse my memory

It would break them, it would really hurt them

They may never get over me.

It would be so selfish of me to wake and pull the plug.

I’d stay and face my problems head on.

I’d stay for them and stop wishing

I could drift away slowly…


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