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For Prejudiced People…

I had put this up on Facebook; however, after looking at it, I decided to put it here. (Chuckles) I have to put this meanness on record. I’m starting 2017 on a shady-ass note. Uh-hmmm… Here is for those prejudiced ass-fucking-holes. Those mo’fuckers that won’t stick their noses in their businesses.

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I was on my own, sipping vodka, and of course, minding my business when breeze blew someone from my past into my present o. (This Whatsapp is a problem.) Continue reading


Not All Nigerian Music Artistes Are Trashy (2)

To start with, I was listening to Aduke’s “Far Away” while typing this.

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There are many brilliant Nigerian musicians out there, but we don’t get to know much of them. Because most Nigerians listen to shit!

Truly, what the fuck?  Continue reading


To be truly happy in society, one has to liberate himself/herself from the chains society has wrapped around him/her wrapped. While writing April 1st, a thought came to me: “Caring about an irrelevant person’s opinion of you makes you a prisoner to their thoughts”. Truly, stop caring about what random, irrelevant people think of you.
Image result for carefree black girl imagesIn a world where people are more interested in appearances, honesty is not seductive.

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Mother, Murder

 May 2005

            Everyone overcompensates for something; Chukwuka was no exception to this rule.

            He desperately wanted a daughter. This desire was born from the fact that his mother passed on while giving birth to him. He felt redemption would come from having a daughter he could dote on the way he could not with his mother.

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How to Sclander Men!!!

This is in honour of Zsa Zsa Gabor. The iconic Zsa Zsa Gabor! Before Joanne the Scammer, she lived!

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I love how society has made men the ones to hustle and make money! Ah! All I have to do is look pretty (“Beauty is a currency system” – Naomi Wolf) and wait for a man. A romantic affair, if utilised well, could be a source of income for me. Conversely, an income gives boys romance. Remember Gwen Guthrie’s “Ain’t Nothing Going On But the Rent”? (Sings) No romance without finance. Continue reading