I Don’t Have an Appropriate Title for This, But “Sex and Friendship” Might Suffice

This is part of something I’m working on. You know those bland sexual experiences we have with people we have beautiful friendships with? Ah! Here goes:

Image result for sexually frustrated woman image

(…) If sex were a painting, what transpired between you two that night would have been a dull abstract painting done by an inebriated amateur painter. It was that crappy. So crappy you don’t want to be reminded. (…) At a point, she had told you, “I want to make you moan.” But, you’re not used to faking things. That’s the reason you skip foreplay with men.

“Kissing is not a guy thing; they should be banned from doing it. They slather you with saliva and it makes you feel as if you are drowning,” you had told Luisa. Luisa had assured her it wasn’t all men. “Maybe I keep meeting the wrong guys,” you told her.

In reply, she laughed and said, “You’re so gay, Adesuwa. Stop claiming bi-. You don’t connect with guys emotionally, you say the foreplay is lame, you say you only like the penetration aspect… get you a vibrator and a serious girlfriend. Just give up on men altogether.” She laughed some more after that.

Although you didn’t have one, you loved making her have orgasms. It was beautiful hearing her scream your name with such reckless abandon, as though she didn’t have neighbours. Deep down, you wondered if she put up a show. 

You loved Jumai. You enjoyed spending time with her. But, you were not sexually attracted to her. You smiled in the darkness and remembered what Luisa told you.

“There are people we love devoid of sexual chemistry. Remember those innocent childhood friends we had? Did we think about sex with them? No, we only wanted to play with them, share stories with them, laugh with them, eat with them, console them when they cried, and all platonic things. I don’t know, I feel something about sex ruins amazing friendships. You have sex with someone and it takes away some substance except you two already have a strong friendship. And guess what? The strong friendship I’m talking about is one that makes you act like a child around your lover. That friendship is innocent; it has no ulterior motives. It’s just friendship between two people, two ageless souls that have come together to be happy, to share love. Don’t ruin some amazing friendships with sex, Adesuwa. Even if it is with the opposite sex; it doesn’t have to tumble into sex, you know. But then, some people would feel entitled and imagine it’s mandatory to have sex based on whatever.”

I think most of us can relate. You love the person but, the sex is just crappy.

Whenever I’m done with it, I’ll put it up here.


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