On Abbreviations…

When I wrote  “My Hate List”, I didn’t add “I hate abbreviations” because I repeated “I  hate bigots that hurt people with their beliefs”. That hate is so intense. Be bigoted if it makes you happy. Don’t use your beliefs to hurt other people.

Image result for grinch meme hate hate hate

These bigots can be likened to people on a diet that stops them from eating pizza. It’s okay to be on a diet, right? But these bigots would come to your door step, demanding you should not eat pizza. Like… really? How does YOUR diet affect me? They don’t keep their beliefs to themselves. No, no. They’d rather hurt you with it.

Example is this: I’m not a Christian. Then, a Christian tells me to sit and be quiet because his/her belief says I’m a weaker vessel made from the rib of a man. For starters, women were not made from the ribs of men. Women and men have equal numbers of ribs. Besides, how did two Middle-Easterners mutate into three races if Patriarchal Monotheism refutes evolution? I don’t believe your creation story. I don’t believe a snake talked (I am not that dumb- Tell me, who is logical enough to believe animals can talk?). I don’t believe a loving god could order genocides. You shouldn’t use YOUR beliefs as a basis to be prejudiced towards me.

Anyway, bigots are not the reason for this post. People that abbreviate are.

One question; Will they die if they typed out their words in full?

Another is; Does it turn them on?

It’s their prerogative, honestly. They should type it anywhere, their CVs included; however, they should not type it at me.

Do. Not. Type. Abbreviations. At. Me.

Heaven knows I don’t bother reading texts with abbreviations- they are tearjerkers. I do the needful- I ask people not to type abbreviations at me if we must get chatsy; still, some people go ahead- they try me. In return, I don’t read their texts. I avoid the things I can’t fix. Call it “selective confrontationality”- picking your battles wisely.

Number Eleven on “My Hate List” reads: “I hate abbreviations.”

I can’t hate abbreviators. They have redeeming qualities, apparently. It’s the act that bothers me. Not the person.



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