For Prejudiced People…

I had put this up on Facebook; however, after looking at it, I decided to put it here. (Chuckles) I have to put this meanness on record. I’m starting 2017 on a shady-ass note. Uh-hmmm… Here is for those prejudiced ass-fucking-holes. Those mo’fuckers that won’t stick their noses in their businesses.

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I was on my own, sipping vodka, and of course, minding my business when breeze blew someone from my past into my present o. (This Whatsapp is a problem.)

We got all chatsy and somewhere along the line, the gist veered off into same-sex relationships. See ehn, I don’t want to taint 2017 with stupid people. I know my beliefs are stupid to some people. Je sais. Stupid is relative. My own is, if I perceive any form of prejudice around someone, ama cut them off. Snip-snip. I can’t tolerate hateful people o. I had to ensure she wasn’t prejudiced. She is a woman and won’t be misogynistic, I thought… WRONG!

So, back to the gist…

Babe was all, “It’s demonic… Read Corinthians 7:1…”


Well, I typed at her that people fornicate and she replied she doesn’t.

Very what? Veerrrry naice!

I was about to tell her eating crayfish, catfish, shrimps, etc, was against Leviticus 11: 9 -12, but I felt there was no need.

What did Jesus say about being gay again? “kk”. Jesus said nothing. And my spirit keeps telling me that centurion in the bible was gay. Who the fuck loves his EXPENDABLE servant that much. You know how those Romans were “perverted” in those days, right? But what did Jesus do? But Catholics re-echo his words before communion, “Lord, only say the word…”

Jesus was liberal! He was friendsly with everyone. He said we shouldn’t judge. He said we should love everyone.

What is wrong with these spiteful people?

Anyway, it’s the same hell we are all going to. Chillax, truly.

And most importantly, Christians should realise they are going to hell according to other religions. They think their religion is the first on earth. Haha! That was how one reverend brother confidently told me the oldest religion on earth is Judaism.

(Cackles in demonia) Eat your catfish and crayfish. We gon hook up later.

See why Christians bother me? They don’t love God.They are scared of going to hell. If they loved God, they would love human beings and accept people. I know you want to go to heaven. Don’t make people miserable. Your diet says you should not eat pizza. Just you. Fuckre, don’t bring that shit to me.

All they do is shame people’s innocuous inklings with the words of holy books.

Please, prejudiced people should leave me on my lane o.

Racists, sexists, homophobes, tribalistic people, religious bigots,gbo-gbo ati gbo… all of them! No space for hateful, negative vibes.

Oops! This post turned out longer than I expected. See what happens when I find something funny?

E go be, jare.

P.S. Be prejudiced o. Just keep it to your fucking chest. Don’t go shaming people. E.g. Don’t open your stupid mouth to tell someone to cut or perm his/her afro. Don’t. If you hate our natural African hair keep it to yourself. STOP BEING AN UNFORTUNATE BASTARD. Is it your hair? You hate afros, ignore it. Simple. What about our God-given hair is untidy and shabby? Mumu!


4 thoughts on “For Prejudiced People…

  1. alusiunseen

    I try my best to leave the whole same sex thing alone cause I don’t know why it is but it is and it doesn’t concern me. muslims think Christians and jews would go to hell, Christians think muslims would go to hell, all of them think unbelievers would go to hell and the only thing they’re united in is HATE so yeah fuck em. Dropped the religious card months ago I rather stick with my ancestors who were not unfortunate enough to believe this shit.



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