Not All Nigerian Music Artistes Are Trashy (2)

To start with, I was listening to Aduke’s “Far Away” while typing this.

Image result for image of aduke

Aduke. Image Credit :

There are many brilliant Nigerian musicians out there, but we don’t get to know much of them. Because most Nigerians listen to shit!

Truly, what the fuck? 

(I am tempted to write about how I might have a crush on Aduke … bla-di-da-di-da… but that is not the point. I was smitten from watching her live performance twice. Lord, Jesus! This woman has lyrics! And she can dance. At a point, she asked the audience, “Do we want our children to meet Nigeria the way it is right now?” That touched me… deeply. No pun, you whore. Haha!)

Let us forget Asa and Dare and Bez and Nneka… for now.

Here are brilliant artistes you should listen to. Please, click on their names to get to their Soundcloud pages.

  1. Aduke (I can’t gush anymore. Before I write the wrong things.)
  2. Clay’s cover of Wizkid’s “I love My Baby” … You would love this! Trust me! She plays the guitar, too.
  3. Lindsey Abudei… Slut like me catching feels like flu after listening to her cover of Fela’s “Trouble Sleep, Yanga Go Wake Am.”!  If you love Jazz, you will love this gal! (Fans face) Lord Jesus!
  4. Tay … This is music!
  5. Ladipoe… Just listen – I might not have the right words.

I think I have done my work here. (Puts palm together and bows gracefully) Namaste. Listen and be blessed.

Please, can we boycott those trashy-ass idiots with zero lyrics in 2017? Like, please? Please? Let’s listen to good stuff. How the fuck do we listen to songs with zero lyrics? We are not a dumb people, are we? They insult our intellect. Yes, it is what sells. Let’s stop buying so that they can produce better songs. Thank you!



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