Slandering Men (1): “Men are Whores”

You know that “logic/tactic” people use by insulting you before you insult them?

Image result for image of gorgeous black man

This explains why men call us whores when they haven’t even talked to us.

They are the real whores!

Truly, it is so damn easy to fuck any man. Any man! They are so loose! They don’t keep their dicks in one place. They will shove their shafts into warm, moist, and soft places. These hoes don’t give a fuck about what they fuck; they just want to fuck.

Besides, everything about them is enticing – their scents, beards, muscles, waists, sturdy shoulders (press thighs together and bites lower lip to stifle a moan)… These putas won’t cover up these features. They’re begging for it! (Sobs internally) Why are they so gorgeous? Boys are beautiful, but bad behaviour won’t let them be.

Image result for gif of black girl sobbing

Fada Lord!

I won’t know about my adorable gay men, because they are not bringing whore-y behaviour to me. But these hetero hoes? Please, they are what we call “an easy lay”.

On social media, all you need is to flaunt boobs and ass, maybe a pretty face – they infest your DM/IM like rats. Ewwwk! Do they care for intellect and depth? Shallow, fickle humans!

Image result for image of gorgeous black man

They don’t know too much sex shrinks the penis. This fact is from the research that says too much sex loosens the vagina. I can wager these sluts don’t know too much ejaculation is unhealthy.

It’s your time, girl! Take advantage of these fuck-hungry whores!



See? They are whores!!!


P.S. This must not be taken seriously. This is humour, obviously. Then again…


2 thoughts on “Slandering Men (1): “Men are Whores”

  1. Omam

    You are seriously a case!!

    Lol. Good read! And yes on another serious note yes they are whores. You dont even need to flaunt the boobs and ass sef.

    Are you good with words? Can you flirt? Slowly enter them and at your mercy they will beg to be satisfied!



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