Slandering Men (2): Men are Wussies

I think I should make this a series on “Slandering Men”… Here is the first part. Yea, I’m just going to slander men. This is really libel, but I love “slander” – it rhymes with “scandal”.

Image result for image of weak black man

I’d have written “Men are Pussies”, but I remembered the “Power of the Pussy”. The pussy bleeds for like… err… sixty days in a year and it can being forth life. That is powerful, right?

(Takes a moment to bask in pussy power.)

You see, men are weak-ass mo’fuckers – all of them regardless of whatever. These weaklings project their weakness on us, gals.

Men are emotionally fragile. Small nudge, you see them wrecked and scattered everywhere. This explains why they can’t take rejection.

And they are an angry bunch. Who the fuck gets angry at football? Like, what is the true importance of football to a nation’s economy asides enriching bars and football arenas and betting sites? But they get livid when their clubs lose. Besides, the average man is intimidated by successful women… all that fear in one individual! Nowadays, all you need to do is sigh and some fragile guy is shaking inside. I think his penis gets smaller, too. They can’t stand a woman on the loose – it threatens them. Haha! See how weak they are?

Lust, oh lust! I’ve written about how these men are whores. They just have to fuck whatever catches their fancy. No strength to control that emotion.

And they don’t cry! When an individual strongly displays a trait, they are usually the exact opposite of that trait. This applies to homophobes. Most of them are actually gay, but they have to overcompensate by being homophobic. Trust me, homophobes are lowkey gay people. I have seen this play out many times. Sorry for the digression. These men try so hard not to cry, because they really want to cry. The sluts! You need strength to show be vulnerable, to open yourself, to expose those sides of you that have been branded sinful, wrong. Don’t mind these fuckers, they cry in the privacy of their bedrooms.

Image result for gif of laughing black girl

Haha! Pretentious mo’fuckers!

Yet another emotion is greed! These covetous whores want to stick their pretty, petty fingers into every pie! They are not emotionally strong enough to say no to their rapacious desires.

I could go on and on, but  I feel you have gotten my point. Men are too emotional – it is depressing. They get easily angry. Ewwwk! Very angry bunch!

Honestly, anyone that can bleed for an average of sixty days is a strong person.

Anyone that was not fashioned to carry babies and bring forth life is weak as fuck.

Honestly, these men could not survive a day as women. The misogyny would do them in. They’d literally fizzle out and die. They would never cope as women.

There you have it, gal, an average man is weak! All they do is project their weakness. Not only that , they put up the facade of tough masculinity to overcompensate for their weakness.

Truly, if masculinity were so strong, femininity, would not have broken it.

Explains why doing “girlie” things such as being expressive, having “girlie” gestures, threatens and breaks masculinity. And you thought masculinity was tough.

P.S. This was written in sheer humour. Do not take it seriously. Then again…



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