Why I Hate, Hate, Hate Religion

(Sips vodka) Okay, “hate” is a strong word. I loathe, detest, abhor religion. I have biases like everyone and I manage to keep them to myself. Nevertheless, I can’t keep this beef I have against religion to myself. No, no… I can’t respect a belief system that hurts people.

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(Sips more vodka) If this would help, I had a frank conversation with a priest and he admitted two things about religion.

  1. It is the opium of the masses – it numbs your pain. It stops people from revolting. It keeps them silent. It peddles false hope to the poor.
  2. Religion is not the guarantee of morality – if religiosity guaranteed morality, Nigeria would not have been fantastically corrupt.

Here are my reasons for hating religion:

  1. It has made Nigerians so fucking stupid. The poor man goes to a religious centre and listens to the message of hope. Hope is irrational! Hope makes you believe you will find water in a dry well. Nigerians have become docile and accepting.
  2. Religion is a political tool, too. People are not revolting. People believe in a happy heaven; however, their clerics are living their own heaven here on earth. I define religion as “politicising and monetising spirituality”.
  3. Religion is the basis of all oppression. People support their hate with scripture.
  4. These religious centres are noisy as fuck. If their deities (they would not have so much beef if they believed they worshiped the same deity) were listening, their noisy religious sessions would have fixed the economy. A deity that did not stop the genocide of its people (Israelites)  doesn’t have your fucking time.
  5. Religion is just stupid. (Sips some more) That which defiles logic is stupid. What they tell you is, “Oh… there are contradictions…” Bla-di-da-di-da. Any story replete with contradictions is a fucking lie. Has religion given you logical answers to anything?

Because religion has dragged people into stupidity, I detest it.

And clerics rob people in the name of a deity that sits and does nothing. That deity is complicit. A deity that allows evil in its name is evil. End of story.

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A deity could prevent murder, but no, it allows murder. To what end? “God knows best,” they’d say. “You can’t question god.”

Fuck that! My mind was meant to question things, not readily lap up words pouring from the mouths of sociopaths that twist spirituality to suit their selfish ends.

I will never respect something that encourages hate.

On that note, fuck religion!



3 thoughts on “Why I Hate, Hate, Hate Religion

  1. You know me

    1) You can’t blame Nigerian’s stupidity on Religion. Is Nigeria the only country practicing Religion? No. Are these people being forced to donate? No. I know there are pastors that rip their members off, I’ve met some of them and guess what I did? I walked and I didn’t stop becoming a Christian because of it. Even the bible talks of false prophets.
    2) We all have something to believe in. If you are gullible enough to allow people rip you off because of your beliefs then it shouldn’t be blamed on religion. I’m a Christian, I believe in heaven and hell, I have my own demons, no I don’t let a pastor control me or dictate how I live my life. I’m responsible for the every decision I make. People should take responsibility for their actions.
    3) Yes I agree but have you noticed that the people that do this are very hypocritical? Like these people commit worse sins themselves. Using the bible as an example, it condemns almost everything, we’d all end up going to hell eventually. This is where we fail as a nation, this has nothing to do with religion. Should we make laws based on religion? With our diverse culture and the fact that we practice many religion, including the fact that we have atheists, should Nigeria as a sane country make laws based on a particular religion or another? Take child marriage for example, why is it not a crime? Oh because Islam supports it, how sad. Is oppression allowed in developed countries? Don’t they practice religion?
    4) Yes I agree that some of these religious centers are noisy. The government can actually do something about this. About God allowing bad things to happen to people especially good people, I dont really have an answer because I’m not that religious but I know that the story of job can explain that well.
    5) You can’t use logic to explain religion, it’s based on faith. Personally choosing to believe what you read, it’s a personal experience. Logic can’t explain the beginning of creation either. You just have to admit that there’s truly a being above us all and that there’s a supernatural force that keeps things together.


    1. Cisi Eze Post author

      You are intelligent.

      I didn’t expect you to be “that religious”.

      This made me smile, truly. “I dont really have an answer because I’m not that religious.”

      I love your points.

      Nigerians are not ready to temper religion with logic.

      Until then, we’ll remain fucked up as a nation.


  2. Angry Saudi Girl

    Religion is also one of the main sources of conflicts ,racism , sexism, …and other discriminations. I hate it too. I don’t hate the people though, just the thing that controlled their sense of right and wrong. The thing that controlled their humanity, religion.



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