How to Save Nigeria

NIGERIANS are not angry enough. Maybe we are angry, but we are channelling our anger at the wrong people.

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Get angry with the president and agree not to vote PDP, APC, or any other repackaging/form they’d take in 2019.

Get angry with the NASS for not passing the right bills to move the country forward. 

Get angry with state governors that have refused to work in their states.

Get angry with those people that numb the masses with “messages of hope” while receiving their hard-earned money in different guises.

Get angry at all social institutions that have contributed to making Nigerians docile and accepting of bad governance.

Get angry with the right people.

The best thing we can do as a country is to get rid of all these leaders – all of the ones that have been there from 1956-2016 – and bring in people that have served and done good things in their communities. They don’t have to be politicians.


Next, we secularise Nigeria. If you’re truthful, you’d admit religion has done more harm than good. Religion is just a social institution. Religion and god are separate concepts – people should stop merging them.

After that, we make our legal system so strong that any pim! we can sue people. What the fuck is, “I’m leaving it to god?”

The new NASS would pass an anti-corruption bill into law. Anyone found guilty would rot in jail.

Finally, we close our borders. No import. No export. No importing refined crude oil. No travelling out for university education -everyone’s child would be here. If you want to visit the Middle-East for religious purposes, you go with your own money – no subsidy. As we close our borders, we improve electricity supply for better and cost-effective production.

If we do this for eight years, you’ll see positive changes in our country. The first year would be hard. Nothing good comes easily.

The question is, “How do we get rid of these thieves and put in the right people?” If you have ideas, please, share. Thanks.

That “future” we were talking about in primary school is NOW.

2020 is in three years. Let that sink in.



2 thoughts on “How to Save Nigeria

  1. Dmpire

    Angry, we are. Hungry, we mostly also are. I keep asking myself if hungry people can fight,if the struggle for a loaf of bread to eat, to survive another day leaves strength in a persons bones to fight. Africa is violent in most of its ways, so it can’t be ruled out in the case of an ideal Nigeria. I’m slim, sometimes i stare in the mirror and wonder how long my frail body will last if a war broke out, a violent revolution and then i sigh and think,” i hope we don’t fight now.” The preachers also contribute i guess….i like the way you say numbing us with messages of hope….because true revolution arises when most people can look into the mirror and say ” We are the dead”.



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