What I Do On Sundays

Sunday is the first and best day of the week. Oh! I love Sundays.

Image result for happy black girl gif

Instead of wasting my time going out to places where people peddle false hope, I love to be at home taking it easy. Truly, how do you expect me to waste my precious time listening to things like this?


t2 t4 t3

Would you not be bothered for me?

First off, I try to write or edit something.

Next, I might make a sketch of anything, anyone.

After that, I play my guitar and sing along to any song… I have been playing since 2009 and I don’t think I’m “there” … yet.

Laundry, cleaning my room, and washing my bathroom comes next.

When I’m done, I wash and dry my hair.

I have brunch as soon as I am done.

While making lunch, I read any book.

Sunday naps are divine!

When I wake up, I prepare for the week, write my to-do list, assess the previous week and know how I fucked up – if I fucked up, and I watch a movie when I am done.

Between all these, I do a little social media.

This is my idea of a perfect day – being at home, having fun with my thoughts, and taking it easy – no stress, no drama.

Sunday is a Fun Day!


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