The Parable of the Mango Juice

Ade loved his little plot of land and he weeded it every time he deemed it necessary.

One day, some irrelevant person walked by and threw a mango seed on Ade’s land.

Ade was shocked.

He could have let it go – removed the seed, but he did not.

When it germinated, he could have uprooted it, he did not.

Instead, he let it blossom into a tree.

The tree yielded fruit and he was over the moon!

Being a benevolent being, he plucked some mangoes and made mango juice.

He kept it in the fridge.

It got cold and he invited Irrelevant Person over.

He served him cold mango juice because some things are better served cold.

The End.

Moral Lesson: “A little niceness never hurt no one”.

You wish!



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