Obsession with Beards

Some people say, “Beards is to men what makeup is to women.” I really do not know. But I think beards make men look good – this is my opinion.

It seems as though some of us gals have an obsession with beards. Some. Here we were thinking there were no beauty standards for men. 

Lately, my thoughts strayed and I imagined a gal having a major breakdown because her male love interest shaved his beards. Thanks to being bored at work, I completed it. (Being bored at work for me means I crave a break from a project. Making myself laugh is another way to reduce boredom. I wanted to do something funny for myself, entertain myself, but looking at it, I thought I could share with you.)

When I think of it, I should use this character, Shade, to tell certain stories from the perspective of a Nigerian gal. One thing I’ll ensure is that she is sex positive. For some reason, most Nigerian women hate talking about sex. We should have honest conversations.

Introducing… “Adventures of Shade” #1. There will be more.

beard gang

Beard gang lover

P.S. That is actually my handwriting. Whenever someone says it is “fine”, I grin.


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