Jungle Justice

In December, a friend told me how some guy on a bike yanked her purse while she was walking.

Last-last, the bike fell, she collected her purse and let it go. Eno is such a sweetheart, honestly.

In my final year at the university, something similar happened to me. I do not know how to lie about what I feel. If they had caught those guys, I would not mind if they got lynched.

My house key, my phone, MY LAST CASH, and debit card were in my purse!

I was emotionally ravaged.

I even had PTSD – whenever I saw a guy approaching me, I used to cringe. This happened for about two – three months.

I would have been cool with a lynching at the time because THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM DOES NOT GIVE YOU JUSTICE.

Recently, an acquaintance of mine – a friend of a friend – was robbed off his valuables and he told me, “If they had brought those guys to me, I would have hit their heads with a chair. You should see the way they hit my head.”

Heck! When someone hurts you, it is a primal instinct for you to seek justice. There is no need acting politically correct – say it how it affects you. Je sais, je sais, honesty is not seductive, but it is liberating. The truth will set you free.

So this is another page of #AdventuresOfShade. “Dead End.”

For me, this is like finding “closure”.

Cisi Eze Adventures of Shade

Adventures of Shade #2 “Dead End”.

P.S. I just realised “heck” is a portmanteau word. It is “Hell” + “Fuck”. Haha! We learn everyday!


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