On Competition and Comparison

This is an opinion. Opinions are not facts.

Competing is like accepting your competition is better than you are and you feel a need to meet up. You use the person as a yardstick to measure your success. What happens when you meet up?

Good enough, you compete based on things you can influence.

Comparison is more toxic. In this case, you compare yourself with/to another person based on factors you cannot influence.

Adventures of Shade #3

Competing is pointless because what works for A might not work for T. We are different people with different skills, abilities, personalities, etc.

The best thing to do is to find your lane, stay on your lane and flourish there.

Nevertheless, comparison is the worst thing to do. People often compare themselves into misery.

If you must be in a competition, compete with yourself. Yes, the idea is this: be better than who you were the previous day. Push the limits. Strive to outdo yourself. This works for me. Then again, some people need competition to ginger them into action; it works for them. Different strokes, different folks.



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