The Thing with Social Media

I loooove, love social media!

What is there not to love? For starters, don’t you laugh your heart out when people can hear the way you said something you wrote?

Like seriously? How do they know someone is sounding mean from written words? People keep projecting themselves unto written words, and it is funny.

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Then I love when people type mean stuff at me. I’ve got my fair share of mean stuff, like everyone else.

When people type mean stuff at me, I ask myself, “Am I supposed to respond to this? If I had to go down to this person’s level, I’d have to lie flat on the ground – not even a tiled floor. I’ll pass.”

Ignore negativity and flourish.

Aha! I love the part where people have this grand-ish life. It’s okay, really. It’s not as though they are hurting us. Just don’t look at people and compare yourself into misery.

It’s social media. Virtual. Don’t hinge your ego on something virtual. Don’t freak out at how your bomb tweet got zero retweets. Don’t get depressed at how your crush did not like your Instagram video.

Let go of your ego.

It is social media, most of those people do not even know you personally. So don’t take things personally.

You don’t have to always fight back.

Take a deep breathe, exhale slowly, and repeat to yourself: “Ego is an illusion.”

A tiny, little birdie will take a drop of the Atlantic, but the ocean remains an ocean.

You are an ocean, sweetie.

P.S. Haters are always motivators when you use them wisely.



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