The Devil and Your Romance

They said God works in mysterious ways, but how does the devil work?

You’d be happy with the love of your life, life goes on normally.

Then one day, out of the blues, someone materialises and manifests in your life.

Then, in that moment, the devil starts making you see the love of your life does not have your time anymore.


Image result for images of a smiling devil

You start seeing that they should have done something they did not do.

Meanwhile, this new someone is like that intoxicating scent that fills your nostrils, fills up your lungs, till you are so light, and you seem to be floating off the ground.

You two start having to do activities together. You have things in common, too. Before you know it, feelings get involved.


You and the love of your life start drifting apart. You don’t bother anymore. No more sweet gestures. No more effort.  The new person gradually pushes your lover out of your mind.

How long have you been with your lover? Ten months? Two years? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Are you going to allow this new person ruin all that magic you built?

Just like that.

Resist the devil and all his (maybe her) works.

Remember when you first met your sweetheart? Remember how they made you walk on sunshine? Remember how they were the air you were breathing? Remember?

Do not lose it. Whatever happens, do not lose it.

You would be attracted to people – so many people – in your lifetime.

But love, in all forms, is commitment and sacrifice.

Love is not a small task.

Say no to the devil.



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