Small Talk and Shit

Do people text you out of the blues with the overreaching assumption that you like them? You stare at the wall like, “Really?”

Image result for image of tired black girl

This is how they do it:

“Hi, xup.” (Just look at the friendliness!)

“Hello good morning. How do you do?”

“Am cul. U?” (The disrespect! The person does not even type in full.)

“I’m great.”

“How is ur day?”

“Great. Yours’?”

“Cul. Av U eaten?”


Why are they asking if you have eaten? Are they going to buy you dinner? That is the dumbest question ev-ver… if they are not buying you food.

In my case, because I do not like these people, I do not bother being friendsly with them. Inadvertently, the chat segues into an interview. Some people start spewing crap about how women are dumb and can’t hold conversations. “We just do not like you. Boy, bye!” Hahaha!

There are many things to talk about – politics, art, science, etc. If you can’t hold a conversation, don’t come with small talk.

If you are not going to add anything positive to my life, don’t come close. Let’s love each other from afar.

Nevertheless, if you need someone to listen to how your day went, I’ll be there to read through the lines of what you will text to me. Just cut to the chase.

Who invented small talk?

P. S. I am never tired with people I truly care for. I am willing to do small talk with them even when I am sleeping. Hahaha! Lies. I just hate small talk from anyone. Funny enough, there is always something to talk about with my close friends. We don’t do small talk.


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