Postcards from AkeFest2017

AkeFest2017 was fun, even though men did not turn up much. It might have been the theme. “This F-word.” If some people had their way, they would have asked us to place them on our thighs and explain why men and women should have equal rights, while breastfeeding them. Something about feminism must give men (and some women) the jitters. Nevertheless, had fun. The panels were enlightening: there was a lot to take home, and take to the bank, too.

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When I Become an Agony Aunt for Queer Women

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The concept of being an agony aunt is delightful! Ah! Thinking of the bad advice I will dish out is making me tingly in the right, and wrong, places.

  1. Dear Cisi,

Ever since my hubby discovered I have a girlfriend, he has been threatening to ruin my life. I am pissed. What do I do? – Tricia.

Hi, Tricia!
Sweetheart, dead people can’t threaten you, because they can’t talk. Let your anger guide you, boo. Continue reading When I Become an Agony Aunt for Queer Women

What to Do When You Have a Girl Crush (For Women, Of Course)

As a public service, I have decided to write this.

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“Oh, my God! Cisi, you won’t believe who talked to me today?” My friend literally screamed at me, as though she was screaming at someone about to disembowel her. Such a fucking drama queen.

In a dry tone, and a forced smile threatening to tear my face into two unequal halves, I asked, “Who?” I might have hooted.

And that was how this friend of mine launched into a one-million-word spiel about a woman she met. Eventually, she asked, “Do you think she likes me? I like her lots.” Continue reading What to Do When You Have a Girl Crush (For Women, Of Course)

Types of Lesbians

(Authors Note: Please, this is not a witch hunt. )

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Like vodka, lesbians come in different flavours. One day, it crossed my mind to write about different types of lesbians. This is a guide – yes, see it as a guide – to understand what you feel you should understand. Here goes: Continue reading Types of Lesbians

Fourth Wave Feminism

(This is part of an article I wrote. I think we should have a fourth wave of feminism.)

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I think we should have a Fourth-Wave of Feminism. Recently, women in Saudi Arabia were given the license to drive; however, does this mean less sexism in the Middle East?

The Fourth-Wave would emphasise on everyone rejecting the benefits patriarchy has given them. This system of society gives women benefits at the peril of men. Women have privileges, too. Nonetheless, these benefits insidiously make women seem weak according to the consensus of strength and weakness. Continue reading Fourth Wave Feminism