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When Boys Sag…

Really, I do not understand why boys sag their trousers.

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How Do I Make My Crush Fall in Love with Me? (The Tried and Trusted Tips)

(This is for women who crush on women.)

Occasionally, there is that woman who piques your interest. You probably see her from a distance; you probably see her up-close. You probably feel an affinity; you probably feel lust. All you know is that you would not mind being friends (or lovers) with her.  Your feelings are valid, because you are human. If they were “unnatural”, you would not have them to start with. Nature, not nurture/society, decides what is natural. If society decided what was natural, no one would be born intersex.

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“You Don’t Understand What to Do With Sexually Independent Women; Hence, You Shame Them Into Marriage.”

(“Independent woman”, for the sake of this post, is a woman that is financially and sexually independent. Female sexual independence means a woman can have sex outside the confines of matrimony with anyone she desires. Her sexuality is not tied to a man via slut-shaming, virginity, and circumcision.)

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Dear Unmarried Woman at 30 +,

As a girl child, you belong to your father. You are seen in relation to your father. Now that you are grown up, it is so hard understanding that we can’t see you in relation to any man. Like really, who owns you? Who do we report you to when you misbehave? When you bash someone’s car in traffic, who do we talk to? We can’t talk to you, because “what does she even know”? Continue reading