About Cisi Eze

Cisi Eze is an irregular gal. Highly irregular!

Seriously, you don’t have to read her blog, really. You shouldn’t. Lest you start questioning things about all you were programmed to believe.

The problem is that she has no filter. She tells it the way she sees it.

Every since she was 15, she stopped seeking for validation from people. One thing led to another and she became something like a rebel.

She jokes about her rebellious streak saying,

“Jesus was a rebel.

I’m a rebel.

Ergo, I’m Christlike.”

Cisi has a queer sense of humour. Very queer. 

Read her blog at your own peril!

Oh… did I tell you she’s quite good with words and languages?

What a cunning linguist she is!

Pardon the pun.