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Postcards from AkeFest2017

AkeFest2017 was fun, even though men did not turn up much. It might have been the theme. “This F-word.” If some people had their way, they would have asked us to place them on our thighs and explain why men and women should have equal rights, while breastfeeding them. Something about feminism must give men (and some women) the jitters. Nevertheless, had fun. The panels were enlightening: there was a lot to take home, and take to the bank, too.

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Finding Your Crowd


You see, you have to be in the right crowd to become fully expressive.

Find someone/people that have the same amount of crazy as you have.

How do you talk about profound stuff with someone that’s interested in mundane matters? It would be a chore. You can’t cast your pearl to swine, you know.

I love graceful music. I feel music is the painting you hear.

I loathe noisy sounds masking as music. I won’t be friends with someone that loves noisy stuff. They’d tell me, “you should listen to bubbly music.” Someone once told me that. Continue reading

The Mrs. Status

(This is the first chapter of the novel I am working on. It is still in the works. I hope you don’t get bored).

Chapter 1


The bedroom was dark. The March heat made the air in the room hot even with the curtains raised and the windows open. Ije lay in bed nude. As usual, there was no electricity to move the ceiling fan . She was thinking about many things. She had to hit the gym the next day; she just Continue reading


(This is a chapter from a book I’m working on. I hope
you like it. It was written from different women’s
experience. Any character’s semblance to real people
is coincidental. The story is set in South West Nigeria
between 2001 – 2003).

At her mother’s insistence, she had gone to spend the holidays at her uncle’s home in Osogbo. If only she’d known, she would have stayed back in Lagos. Continue reading

Bisexuality and Belles

May 10, 2015…
I was thinking this morning. Why is it that women are now “digging” other women?
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On my first day at school, I met this dude in my class. He was cute! Fine dude. Tall. Lots of hair. Face hair melts my heart. I love dudes with hair! He had this macho thingy about him and I just wanted to do him. Yes. I would have done him if we had a room to ourselves. I’d just ride him across the milky way and back. Continue reading