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We shouldn’t have even started

But here we are now!

Maniacal I have become.

Damn! I’m your clown

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For Her

She loves me.
Even if she doesn’t tell me, I know she does.
Sometimes, she’s unsure
Sometimes, I wonder if she wants something more
She tells me she’s not fallen this deep for anyone
All those dandy, dapper dudes-none
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The Mrs. Status

(This is the first chapter of the novel I am working on. It is still in the works. I hope you don’t get bored).

Chapter 1


The bedroom was dark. The March heat made the air in the room hot even with the curtains raised and the windows open. Ije lay in bed nude. As usual, there was no electricity to move the ceiling fan . She was thinking about many things. She had to hit the gym the next day; she just Continue reading