Fourth Wave Feminism

(This is part of an article I wrote. I think we should have a fourth wave of feminism.)

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I think we should have a Fourth-Wave of Feminism. Recently, women in Saudi Arabia were given the license to drive; however, does this mean less sexism in the Middle East?

The Fourth-Wave would emphasise on everyone rejecting the benefits patriarchy has given them. This system of society gives women benefits at the peril of men. Women have privileges, too. Nonetheless, these benefits insidiously make women seem weak according to the consensus of strength and weakness. Continue reading


On Competition and Comparison

This is an opinion. Opinions are not facts.

Competing is like accepting your competition is better than you are and you feel a need to meet up. You use the person as a yardstick to measure your success. What happens when you meet up?

Good enough, you compete based on things you can influence.

Comparison is more toxic. In this case, you compare yourself with/to another person based on factors you cannot influence.

Adventures of Shade #3

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