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Sunday Sister…
August 30, 2015

And this article centre’s on a “Sunday Sister”.

My friends tell me stuff, personal stuff, because they know I won’t judge them and I keep secrets. I understand we’re humans with primal, animalistic proclivities. I feel people should indulge in whatever they want with the condition that it doesn’t affect anyone negatively. Continue reading


The Mrs. Status

(This is the first chapter of the novel I am working on. It is still in the works. I hope you don’t get bored).

Chapter 1


The bedroom was dark. The March heat made the air in the room hot even with the curtains raised and the windows open. Ije lay in bed nude. As usual, there was no electricity to move the ceiling fan . She was thinking about many things. She had to hit the gym the next day; she just Continue reading

Sinless Sunday

Sunday, 14th of December, 2014…

Sunday mornings are wonderful. You should have a reason for it to be wonderful. It could be that you are a Muslim and you are going to be home relaxing. You might be a Christian going to church and your spirits are already lifted because you LOVE going to church. Yes, you must love going to Continue reading